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Healing the Children

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Thank you for your generosity and commitment to improving the lives and health of children around the world. With less than 3% of our expenses going to administrative and overhead costs, we can assure you that we will be good stewards of your charitable contributions.

Healing the Children is primarily an all-volunteer organization, with just a handful of paid positions in some of the larger chapters. Like you, we are committed to improving the health and well-being of kids who lack access to medical care, and want all of our resources focused on that mission.

More Ways to Contribute

Airline Miles

Donate your unused airline miles to help children get desperately needed medical treatment that is unavailable to them in their home country.

American Airlines Miles for Kids in Need Program provides free travel for kids through Healing the Children and other children's charities.


Amazon Smile

AmazonSmileWhen you shop at Amazon, you can automatically give .5% of eligible purchases to Healing the Children.

Visit smile.amazon.com and choose Healing the Children from the list of charities. Afterwards, whenever you shop at Amazon, be sure to use smile.amazon.com so that a percentage of your purchases will be donated to Healing the Children.

Planned Giving

Help me.  Change my life.
‟ Help me. Change my life.”

A planned gift provides future support for Healing the Children while meeting your current financial and personal goals. Planned gifts may be revocable or irrevocable and include bequests through your will or living trust, retirement plan or life insurance policy beneficiary designations, charitable trusts and charitable gift annuities.

The Healing the Children Endowment Fund

We are pleased to announce our newly established Healing the Children Endowment Fund for planned giving. This fund gives you the opportunity to use estate planning to make a lasting gift to Healing the Children. Donations to the fund should last into perpetuity, since only the income from investing them will be disbursed to the chapters and spent to support annual programs or special additional programs to help create new and more advanced medical resources in emerging countries.

For more details about the Healing the Children Endowment Fund, take a look at our online brochure or contact the National Office for more information.

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Some Planned Giving Options to Consider

Marketable Securities

This commonly used technique includes what many refer to as a "double tax effect."

  1. Your donation will be valued at its current fair market value, regardless of what you paid for it.
  2. Your gift does not involve a sale, and will not incur capital gains tax.

Real Estate and Other Tangible Property

The HTC Endowment Fund can accept houses, farms, commercial buildings, artwork, and most unencumbered tangible property. Giving tangible property avoids capital gains tax and allows you to take a charitable tax donation for its fair market value.

Trusts and Gift Annuities

You can use a broad array of charitable trusts and gift annuities for planned estate donations designed to exist into perpetuity. Please consult your personal financial advisor.

IRA Assets

For a limited time, donors over 70½ years of age are able to donate up to $100,000 from their IRA assets without incurring federal income tax. In addition, if you name Healing the Children as a secondary or last benificiary, any remaining assets would be provided to HTC without federal tax consequences.


Bequests are usually deductible for federal tax purposes. Residual bequests are another commonly used technique, whereby Healing the Children could receive the residual after all other terms of your will have been satisfied.

Life Insurance

The dividends are typically tax deductible, and if you name Healing the Children as an additional beneficiary in an existing policy, a comparable percentage of the policy surreneder value can be an immediate tax deduction. New insurance policies are often used to offset cash donations, benefitting spouses or other beneficiaries.

Talk to your financial planner about the best ways for you to include Healing the Children in your financial and estate planning.

Hospitals and Medical Supplies

Volunteer medical staff are at the core of Healing the Children's ability to provide medical care for children who so desperately need it. But they can't do their work without the instruments, supplies, and facilities they need.

Donated medical supplies and our partnerships with hospitals and medical facilities in the United States and abroad are crucial to our mission of providing medical care to the many children who would otherwise lack access to care.


Healing the Children has helped over 8,000 critically ill children by bringing them to the United States for treatment that is not available to them at home. It takes a large, coordinated effort to accomplish this inbound medical treatment for even one child. Healing the Children relies on its partnerships with some 75 pediatric hospitals in the United States in order to provide treatment for these children who have no other options.

We are touched by the generosity and compassion of our partners, and hope to continue to expand our state-side capacity to meet the needs of these children by developing new partnerships with more hospitals. Please contact us to learn more about joining us in this effort.

Medical Supplies

Healing the Children sends dozens of teams abroad every year to provide pediatric surgical and clinical care and to offer support, education, and development for local medical personnel and infrastructure. Donated medical supplies are a crucial foundation for our ability to provide these services. If you or someone you know has the capacity to donate medical supplies, please contact us about contributing to our efforts.