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Healing the Children

  • Medical Trips Abroad
  • Medical Inbound Program
  • Domestic Programs

Medical Trips Abroad

Several chapters of Healing the Children organize surgical and clinical trips to many different countries. You can view the schedule of Healing the Children's medical trips on our Calendar of Medical Trips Abroad.

Volunteer medical and surgical health professionals travel at their own expense, treating patients and sharing their expertise with local health professionals during procedures and in-service sessions. Surgical teams are built around one or two surgical specialties and consist of surgeons, anesthesiologists, operating room and recovery nurses and, as needed, pediatricians or family practitioners and therapists. Other volunteers handle and prepare medical equipment, medicine, and supplies, as well as provide transportation, organization, and other support.

Healing the Children also arranges trips for physicians and nurses interested in providing free pediatric clinics to rural areas.

If you are interested in joining a trip, please contact the organizing chapter for more information and to learn about open positions on the team or opportunities on future trips.

Surgeons interested in organizing a trip separate from any already listed should contact the National Office to find a chapter that may be able to partner with you.

International Inbound Program

In addition to sending teams of doctors overseas, Healing the Children works with medical professionals to bring children into the U.S. for medical treatment that is not available to them in their home country.

Healing the Children works with our International Partners around the world to help determine the needs of a child before they come to this country for treatment. When a child is identified for assistance, Healing the Children contacts doctors, nurses, and hospitals to donate services. We also help to arrange transportation for the child, often using donated frequent flyer miles.

At the core of the medical inbound program is the host family. Once in the United States, children are placed with host families that in turn give them a loving and caring environment while they are away from home.  Host families, with the help of Healing the Children representatives, coordinate with local medical professionals to ensure that the children are receiving the proper medical treatment.

Once their treatment is completed, children return to their home country to live a happy and productive life.

Domestic Programs

While most of our work is done abroad, chapters of Healing the Children also help kids in their own local communities by providing medical equipment and supplies, medication, treatment, and assistance to children who would otherwise be unable to get these services. These children are referred to us by schools, churches, social services, medical professionals, as well as local, state, and community programs.

The domestic programs of Healing the Children are of course intensely local in nature. Contact your local chapter for more information about their involvement in the local community.

Arizona Chapter

Healing the Children Arizona helps local children who are not eligible for State or Federal programs or those whose families can't pay for medical treatment, prescriptions or equipment. Children are often referred to Healing the Children Arizona by community physicians or school nurses. We also help local organizations who provide medical or dental services to Arizona children.

Florida/Georgia Chapter

The Local Kids Program of Healing the Children Florida/Georgia focuses its attention on uninsured and under-insured children with special medical needs throughout Central Florida. Children who are without access to health care because of a lack of financial resources receive donated medical care through our network of volunteer physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants. Healing the Children also provides ancillary services such as MRIs, orthopedic devices/braces, lab work, prescription assistance, and other necessary support services. Our goal is to provide each child with the comprehensive medical services they need to lead a healthy and productive life.

Each year Healing the Children FL-GA provides 60-80 children with donated surgical, dental, medical, and therapeutic services.

Michigan/Ohio Chapter

Although by far most of our work is with children from other lands, when it is needed, we provide services to children living in Michigan and Ohio who fall through the cracks. These children are referred to HTC by schools, churches, and/or other state programs. Visit our website for stories of some of the local children we've helped.

New Jersey Chapter

HTCNJ helps New Jersey children in all 21 counties who have complex medical diagnoses and developmental disabilities and whose families cannot meet their children’s medical needs due to financial distress. Children are referred by school nurses, hospital social workers, pediatric offices, County Offices of Special Child Health Services, and other nonprofit organizations. We use grant funding to provide: prescription medication; eyeglasses, hearing aids, orthotics; special-needs therapy, care and programs; and specialized equipment. For more information, please contact: (Please enable JavaScript to view this email address).

Northeast Chapter

The Domestic Kids Program of Healing the Children Northeast provides medical treatment and assistance to children in our local communities who are unable to get these services due to a lack of financial resources or medical insurance. We have arranged for children to receive services such as dental, medical, and surgical care, medical equipment, prescription medications, medical equipment, physical therapy, speech therapy, etc.

Southwest Chapter

Healing the Children Southwest (Located in Albuquerque, New Mexico) uses the name HARDSHIP RELIEF PROJECT for our local children’s program. For 24 years we have provided a small safety net for families of children who find themselves in compromised financial situations and unable to meet medically related needs. Often parents postpone a trip to the doctor, the purchase of medicine, or the purchase of much needed equipment because buying groceries and paying utility bills must come first. Dentists see children suffering with painful dental problems, teachers see others who cannot read because they need glasses, and social workers see a mother near the breaking point because she cannot afford a special bath chair for her child with disabilities who has grown too large to hold up. We all know that children cannot learn or enjoy life when their health and well being is poor.

Generally HTCSW does not work directly with families, but relies on those who are aware of family financial situations such as health and dental care providers. Healing the Children Southwest collaborating partners consider the Hardship Relief Project seamless and easy to work with because there is an immediate response when families need help. We raise money locally and through grants to support this project. Depending on the requests, HTCSW can help as many as 45-60 children in a 12 month period. For more information on the project, or to donate, please contact HTCSW at (Please enable JavaScript to view this email address).