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Healing the Children

Funding Project:
Nepal Orthopedic Surgical Trip Begins In Just Three Weeks!


On March 8th, International Women’s Day was celebrated around the world.  Healing the Children thanks and recognizes the many women and mothers who are a part of our HTC story.  We know when it comes to healing children – mothers are leaders in advocating for their child’s health.

In just three weeks, Healing the Children's Southern California Chapter departs for Nepal. The goal is to provide foot and ankle surgery for 25 children! The team leader is Dr. Jennifer D'Amico on her 7th trip to Nepal and 5th as a team leader.

Mothers in Nepal

This is a program that has helped to heal so many children and teens by giving them the ability to be more mobile and independent. In a country like Nepal with so many hills and mountains, the ability to walk is key to the ability to work, go to school, and be self-reliant. The team partners with the Nepal Orthopedic Hospital in Kathmandu and works with medical staff during the week. The need in Nepal is so great with an estimated 784 children born with club foot annually. Please join us today to support this vital work. Every gift matters.

Here are some of the details:

  • The 12-member team leaves Thursday, April 4th - just three weeks from today.
  • The team includes 2 podiatric surgeons, 1 orthopedic surgeon, 1 anesthesiologist, 2 podiatric surgical residents, 2 nurses, and 4 general volunteers.
  • Screening begins on Sunday April 6th.
  • 90 Patients are registered for screening.
  • Surgery is held Monday through Friday.
  • Our goal is 25 surgical patients.
  • Additionally, previous patients are invited for follow up.

Please support our efforts to help 25 mothers see their children walk on their own two feet.

Thank you for your support.