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Healing the Children

Funding Project:
HTC is now a member of CharityChoice!


The holiday season is upon us. 

A time of sharing, family, and year-end festivities. 

We hope you have had a good year and looking forward to the year ahead.

In the event you are looking for a last minute, meaningful gift to give, we have an idea for you.

Healing the Children is delighted to share the news that we are now a member of CharityChoice. 

CharityChoice gifts are donations that you make on another's behalf.   A way to give to Healing the Children or another special nonprofit.  The recipient recives a gift card, which empowers them to "spend" on the charity of their choice.  CharityChoice gift cards feature a wide selection of beautiful designs and are the perfect gift - a gift with a purpose - for birthdays, holidays, sympathy, thank you, or any occasion.  And with over 1,000 charities to choose from, everyone can find a worthwhile cause 'close to their heart'.  Here are a few of the charities supported along with Healing the Children.

CharityChoice offers many ways to purchase cards such as buying an e-gift certificate, redeeming your balance shopping cards toward a CharityChoice card, purchasing a card to benefit a nonprofit in honor of a friend or loved one, and, the easiest of all is, buying a digital card which you can share by social media or text.  This is such a convenient way to give.  Order your card by 12/20 and shipping is free and digital cards are always available.  More purpose, less stuff ...

Learn more at www.charitygiftcertificates.org

Happy Holidays!