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Healing the Children

Funding Project:
Portable Dental Unit

37% of $3000 Raised

In the spirit of giving, Healing the Children would like to ask for your contribution to help one of our International Partners.

Fundación Casa de Colombia is a long-time partner of Healing the Children. In addition to providing cooperation, support, and services for our medical programs, they also organize their own medical programs for vulnerable children in the most impoverished areas of Cali, Colombia. Healing the Children is helping to fund an important expansion of their services to the children of Cali.

Fundación Casa de Colombia is collecting funds to purchase a portable dental unit to provide dental care for children served by their programs. They are seeking $3000 for a portable dental chair and tools.

Read the description of their project below. Then please give what you can to the effort and share this project with your friends. Many hands make light the work.

Thank you!
Healing the Children

Fundación Casa de Colombia

One of the most important programs of Fundación Casa de Colombia are the Pediatric Preventive Medical Journeys, seeking for the most vulnerable sectors in our city, Cali, carrying medical care for underprivileged children.

Every month, our foundation looks for any institution or organization that needs preventive attention for their children, due to their lack of medical security and economic resources to access this service. All these communities are at high risk of disease and need immediate attention.

Until now we have granted pediatric, ophthalmologic, and phono-audiological attention in every journey. However once or twice a year we have received support from other institutions, who lend us their portable dental unit, to bring those kids urgent attention for their dental health. Unfortunately this help is not constant. We need your help to offer this service in all of our journeys.

Kids from Cali

For example, in 2012, we received help from an organization with the loan of a portable dental unit for October 6th Pediatric Preventive Medical Journey in "Los Chorros" sector. The total children of the journey were 134. Thanks to this help we could provide attention to 22 children in dental care. Our goal is to increase our number of helps for the kids.

flouride treatment

In August of this year, we couldn't borrow the portable dental unit for one of our journeys. Instead, we had to bring fluoridation for the children, who really needed it. We gave dental attention to 34 children during this journey. The total of kids were 194.

impoverished sectorThis September we got the portable dental unit again as a loan for the Pediatric Preventive Medical Journey in "Casita de Emmanuel" foundation, an organization located in an area of the city with real poverty and lack of benefits and opportunities for the community. It is a high violence, homelessness, hunger, and lack of health sector. We really had to bring help for those children that are having a chance of life in this foundation.

During this Medical Journey we provided attention to a group of 30 children, giving dental care to 11 of them, with the help of a dentist and volunteers. These are children of single mothers, housemaids who don't have stable incomes to provide medical security for their kids.

During this year we have made 8 Pediatric Preventive Medical Journeys, having the opportunity of giving dental care only in 2 of them. Although it was successful and it really helped the families and their children, this is not enough for what we have seen in these sectors of the city where there is a severe lack of preventive education and health coverage. This is why our new goal is to bring dental attention to these children and forestall all of the consequences that result from bad dental health care.

In each of our Pediatric Preventive Medical Journeys we serve an average of 150- 200 children with limited economic resources. We are not only helping them, but their families too, improving their quality of life.

With your help in providing a portable dental unit, we could continue bringing dental care to an average of 23.6% of children in each Medical Journey. This social impact would help us to improve the welfare of a larger segment of the population in Cali.

Cali clinic