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Healing the Children

Funding Project:
Red Nose Day the HTC Way!


Who can’t smile when you see someone wearing a red nose?  It is the perfection of simple silliness. This Thursday, May 26 is Red Nose Day #rednoseday sponsored by Walgreens and others as a special day to come together to have fun and make a difference for kids.

At Healing the Children our volunteer doctors and nurses perform wonderful life-changing medical services for children all around the world. But sometimes it can be scary to wait in line for hours to see a doctor you have never met before, or face a surgery in the US far from home and loved ones. Helping children and their families to calm these jittery nerves is so important to ensure a positive experience.

Red Noses - Sparkling Eyes
This young patient’s smile is hidden beneath the huge red nose he wears.
But the sparkle in his eyes and the eyes of our volunteer "clowns" is evident.

Dr. Mike Mallahan

At the Oregon and Western Washington Chapter of Healing the Children, Dr. Mike Mallahan has been “bringing in the clowns” on his Audiololgy and ENT trips for many years. Dr. Mallahan is a fierce champion of the power and importance of humor in healing. He has often said the volunteer Sherry is the most important member of his team. The ability to provide fun and activities for children before seeing the doctor and after surgery are key to his many years of success in Guatemala.

Dr. Malahan's team
Dr. Mallahan (with red nose and goofy ears)
with his 2012 Medical Team in Morales, Guatemala.

When you travel on a Mallahan Medical Teams Abroad trip – you will find that humor is contagious!

Smiling patients
These two patients have big smiles and new hearing aids,
thanks to our HTC team led by Dr. Mallahan!

The power of humor and healing are well known and we can celebrate Red Nose Day by supporting the work of Healing the Children and its 16 chapters. What a great way to help a child access the health care they need and deserve.

We believe in the power of healing to change lives for children. Won’t you be a part of our story?

Support Healing the Children today with your generous contribution:

$50 provides a child in a developing country with a medical or dental exam.
$250 fits a deaf child with a new hearing aid.
$500 helps a child to receive medical care in the US.
$1000 trains a young surgeon in new medical techniques.
$2,000 sponsors an entire Medical Team Abroad.

These are just suggestions. Every gift helps a child to heal. Whatever you give will make a real and lasting difference in the life of a child.

To learn more, visit www.rednoseday.org and healingthechildren.org.