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Healing the Children

Funding Project:
Supporting Moms and 50 Children with Special Needs



On May 9th (my birthday) we celebrate "Give Big" in Washington State.  Give Big is a nationwide collective movement garnered to raise funds in one day to help local non-profits.

At Healing the Children we are sponsoring our own "Give Big" day with a special Mother's Day campaign to help 50 children in Florida who have special needs to get the equipment, medical care and/or therapy they need to thrive and be happy.  And we are asking for your support!

Meet Alejandro...

Alejandro will be celebrating his 5th birthday in July of this year. Alejandro was born with liquid in his ears and was profoundly deaf. Although, Alejandro is bright and friendly he struggled to communicate and would often have tantrums due to frustration associated with his inability to hear.

Healing the Children was able to assist Alejandro and got him medical appointments with an ENT (Ear, Nose, Throat specialist) and Audiologist who provided him with hearing aids. However, due to not being able to hear he can not speak and is still struggling.  He needs speech therapy.

Just imagine the joy when his mother and father hear him speak to them for the very first time!  Won't you help him and children like him get the care they need?

Check out our project and give today!  Your donation will be matched thanks to a generous HTC matching gift contributor!

Happy May and Mother's Day to all the Great Moms! Join me to help kids like Alejandro realize a better tomorrow!

All the best,

Ann Anderst, Vice President
Healing the Children

Supporting Moms and 50 Children with Special Needs
Mother's Day Campaign