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Healing the Children

A Wheelchair for Kailah

Kailah's familyLast year at our National Conference, our International Partner from St. Kitts, Dr. Patrick Martin, expressed a need for a fully reclining wheelchair for one of his patients. Kailah is 18 and two years ago she was diagnosed with Transverse Myelitis of unknown etiology and is confined to a wheelchair. A big blow to her and her family. I volunteered that our chapter would provide the chair.

After  lots of measuring and searching for a source - we tried locally first - we finally found the chair we needed and that would fit.  The company agreed to ship it free to Dr. Martin’s connection in Miami and then the Miami connection shipped it to St. Kitts.  So no shipping costs or taxes - just the discounted cost of the chair and accessories - gel cushion, seatbelt and hmmmmmm, on a whim, I decided on a tray. 

Kailah with Dr. Martin
Kailah and Dr. Martin

Below is a thank you video - you can see that the tray is just the right size for - a keyboard!

Dr. Martin is the Chief Medical Officer for the Ministry of Health – the equivalent of the Surgeon General for the group of islands that report to QEII’s Prime Minister for the islands.

What a happy tale - made possible by you and all of our generous supporters.

Helen Salan
Director, Michigan/Ohio Chapter

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