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Healing the Children

Before and After

Every year, Healing the Children helps thousands of children to get the medical care they need to be able to reach their full potential. Since 1979, Healing the Children has helped over 270,000 children worldwide. For each child, the difference in their life is very real, and the impact sends ripples out into the world. The full aggregated impact is incalculable.

Jeff Degner, director of the Illinois/Indiana Chapter, has been involved with Healing the Children for twenty-five years. His early experiences were acting as an escort for the Wisconsin chapter, bringing needy children to and from Central America to the United States. More recently, he has been reunited with several of these children, once little, frail and sick, and now older, vibrant and healthy.

Here are two examples of these happy reunions. Though not all Healing the Children cases have such dramatic endings, these before-and-after photos surely are heart-warming and wonderful to behold.

Jeff and Dora
This is Dora who had cardiac surgery.

Jeff and Ingrid
Ingrid was born without an esophagus.

Can you get behind this?

Imagine these poor, sickly little girls, once bound by their circumstances and the misfortune of illness. Then think of the incredible young women they've become.

Your donation to Healing the Children today will undoubtedly outlive you. Ingrid and Dora and so many others like them are living examples of how a simple act of kindness and generosity ultimately grows into a thing of strength and beauty and wonder.

Donate to Healing the Children, and share with your friends. It makes a world of difference.

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