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Healing the Children

Deysis from Nicaragua

Ready to go

Her Nicaraguan name was Deysis. We just called her Daisy. The first time we saw her, she was happily nestled in her mothers arms, completely unaware of the large, deforming tumor on her upper lip. Unbeknownst to us, her parents had already spent countless hours searching all over Nicaragua for a doctor who could help their child. Nobody could. But the plastic surgeon on our Healing the Children medical team felt that in America, the job could be done.

The steps needing to be taken to arrange everything for Daisy were time consuming and stressful. First, an American hospital, willing to donate all their services (doctors, nurses, technicians, etc.), had to be found. A host family was screened and lined up, as well as an escort who would accompany her from Nicaragua. Airline reservations were also made. Meanwhile, in Nicaragua, Daisy needed a passport and a U.S. Visa. Her parents had to sign a Power of Attorney form, surgery and photo consent documents, and a minor traveling without parent statement. Just two days before departure, it was discovered that her parents also had to sign an “exit visa” without which Daisy could not leave! Finally, after weeks of preparation, she was ready to go.

Daisy's journey

Within days of her arrival, Daisy had bonded with her wonderful host family and finally underwent her long-awaited surgery. It was a total success. Her recovery from the operation was amazingly fast, and the change was dramatic to behold.

Daisy before and after
Daisy before and after surgery

Two weeks later, she returned to Nicaragua and was reunited with her parents, both of whom were overcome with relief and happiness. Estela cried again, this time with tears of joy. We did too.

Healing the Children had helped one pretty Daisy to blossom.

Overwhelmed with gratitude

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