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Healing the Children

Finding Treatment for International Kids in U.S. Hospitals

Healing the Children envisions a world where every child has access to the medical care they need, unhindered by economic, geographic, social, and political barriers. It is our mission to help children overcome those barriers.

Working Together

Our programs for children include Domestic Aid for local children through our local chapters and Medical Teams Abroad that provide surgical and clinical visits around the world in coordination with local medical professionals, including International Development to help create and strengthen international medical resources.

But for some kids, treatment in the U.S. by our partner hospitals and volunteer medical professionals - with the loving care of local host families - is the best or only option. There is an untold story of the incredible support network that makes these treatments possible. But the important part of the story is the results. Children getting the treatment they need. Children enjoying the simple but precious gift of good health.

Gladys From Nigeria

In her home country of Nigeria there were no physicians who could help 11-year-old Gladys with her condition. Gladys had badly deformed legs caused by a severe orthopedic problem called Blount’s Disease. The Florida/Georgia Chapter of Healing the Children brought Gladys to the U.S. for treatment. During her 17 months here, Gladys underwent five surgeries to correct the curvature in her legs, and she worked hard in physical therapy. While living with her host families, Gladys' reading level went from kindergarten to a fourth-grade level. Now 13, she is back in Nigeria and continuing her education - and is able to walk normally!

Gladys at School
Gladys at School back home in Nigeria

Marianna from Peru

Mariana’s journey began in 2014 when she came to the U.S. from Peru as a two-year-old to undergo surgery for a severe facial deformity. Mariana suffered from hairy nevus that covered the entire left side of her face.

Dr. Kutlu with Mariana

Since that first surgery, Mariana has been back to the U.S. twice to undergo additional procedures by Dr. Hakan Kutlu at Morristown Medical Center, and will return again in 2018 for scar revision surgery.

“It has been a privilege to take care of this beautiful child with her challenging issues. I am confident that she will continue to thrive as she grows older and I look forward to helping her further in the future,” said Dr. Kutlu.

Mariana is a part of the family at the Sisters of Charity Mallinckrodt Convent in Mendham, New Jersey. Sister Immaculata Arboline and the entire congregation have hosted Mariana and her mother on their many trips to the U.S., providing them with a loving and nurturing environment. All of us at HTCNJ are grateful to Dr. Kutlu, his staff and everyone at Morristown Medical Center for their generosity and support.

Daniel in New Jersey

Daniel from the Dominican Republic

In August, 2014 nine-month old Daniel from the Dominican Republic traveled to the U.S. seeking treatment for a congenital lymphatic malformation. He received a full evaluation by the Pediatric Multidisciplinary Vascular Clinic at St. Peter’s University Hospital. The team of doctors treated Daniel with interventional radiology and he was fitted with a custom compression garment with the hope of shrinking the lymphatic malformation significantly before having to do surgery.

Thus, Daniel returned home that November. Unfortunately, this approach did not produce the results they had hoped for and in October, 2016, nearly two years later, Daniel returned to the U.S. to undergo surgery. He had surgery for his congenital lymphatic malformation performed by Dr. Stephen Palder, a pediatric surgeon and his team in the early summer. While in New Jersey, Daniel, an active three-and-a-half year-old, spends his days with the Alectoridis family, a loving family that has hosted numerous children in the last decade.

Aproximately 50% of the tumor has been removed. Daniel will return to New Jersey again in 2018 for further treatment.

Daniel in New Jersey
Daniel with his host family parents


Chapters of Healing the Children provided care for 26 children through our International Inbound Program in 2016. Nearly 7500 children have found the urgent medical care they need through the program since 1979.

These stories and other highlights of our medical programs for children can be read in our 2016 Annual Report.

9,173 children in 24 countries
$15 million in medical services and supplies
less than 2% non-program overhead costs
in 2016

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