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Healing the Children

Healing the Children's Medical Teams Abroad

Medical Team on the Ground in Colombia
Medical Team on the Ground in Colombia

“I am blessed to be able to work with colleagues to provide life changing care to children that dramatically impacts their opportunities in so many ways.

“I am always in awe of the volunteers from the U.S. and Guatemala that say ‘yes!’ to help serve children.

“Providing a child the gift of hearing is an indescribable joy. However training a Guatemalan audio tech to provide that gift to other children is my greatest joy!”

-Dr. Mike Mallahan

For nearly four decades, Healing the Children has been dedicated to the Medical Teams Abroad Program, offering life changing surgeries and procedures to children around the world who otherwise would never receive these much needed treatments. Coordinating these efforts are no easy task, as many months of planning are necessary for preparation and implementation in what can only be described as a herculean effort on the part of our medical teams and volunteers alike.

Mike Mallahan

Dr. Mike Mallahan led 30 audiology trips to Guatemala. The program is now self-sustaining, with local specialists trained by his team helping Guatemalan children to hear.

On most occasions, we are invited by a host hospital to perform various procedures and surgeries on children and on other occasions our teams will seek a host hospital and inquire if there is a medical necessity in their country. Once we have been accepted by a host hospital, the assembly of team members, medical supplies—sometimes donated, often times not, airfares, sleeping accommodations for all members and all legal documentation are adhered to in order to enter the country of origin, the real work begins.

Jennifer D'Amico in Nepal

Dr. Jennifer D’Amico has partnered with Nepal Orthopedic Hospital in Kathmandu for 10 years. Her medical teams support the efforts of NOH by performing surgeries, sharing expertise and techniques, and bringing necessary medical supplies.

“What drives me to go back? The growth of Nepal Orthopedic Hospital. The growth and strength in the doctors at NOH makes me want to go back in order to continue serving the children and adults with deformities of the foot and ankle. Our patients keep me coming back. Monitoring their progress, making sure they heal well and are happy is my greatest joy, and Nepal truly is one of the happiest places on this earth!”

-Dr. Jennifer D’Amico

Our teams of professional medical personnel, including surgeons, anesthesiologists, nurses, and team leaders coordinate these trips in order to provide free treatments and surgeries to some of the world’s neediest children. Most of our teams utilize their personal vacation time to travel and financially support their own expenditures. These funds are sometimes raised through fundraisers, which helps to offset some of the funding needed for medications and other important items that are essential in ensuring they have all the tools necessary to perform life altering procedures on children. Although a tremendous amount of effort is involved in orchestrating our Medical Teams Abroad Program, the most satisfying aspect of this program is that of the young lives HTC impacts when our volunteers are able to change a life forever.

Many parents of these brave young children look forward to our HTC volunteer teams throughout the year, as they know without our help their children will not receive the treatments or surgeries they require due to the lack of their unfortunate financial circumstances. HTC is humbly honored and extremely fortunate to be the catalyst through our Medical Teams Abroad Program and our host hospitals, as we continue to strive in our efforts of healing children around the world, one child at a time.

“To observe my teammates filing out of the host hospital into the twilight at the end of a grueling day, faces drawn, scrub suits wrinkled, but gaits strong and steady, is to me reminiscent of a parade of victorious Olympians, and accentuates my gratitude in being an American, a member of the healing arts, and an individual privileged to bring care to children who would otherwise not be attended.”

- Dr. Robert “Mac” MacIntosh

Mac in Guatemala

Oral surgeon Dr. Robert Bruce MacIntosh has been traveling with Healing the Children teams since 1995. He has led more than 50 teams bringing the gifts of healing to the children of the world. The lives of thousands of children and hundreds of volunteers have been touched by his tireless dedication.


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