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Healing the Children

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Lemuel is a four year old child from a remote area in the Mayan region of Guatemala. He was brought to our attention by a former Peace Corps worker. Lemuel was in desperate need of heart surgery with the complicating issue of a mouth full of rotten teeth. Through our Healing the Children connections, we were able to secure and sponsor his heart surgery at the UNICAR Hospital in Guatemala City. Prior to the heart surgery, we sponsored several trips to the Capitol City for dental surgery. We continue to sponsor his medical follow-ups and, as he was very malnourished, we are providing nutritional support until he has gained sufficient weight.

We just received the following message from our contact in Guatemala:

Lemuel’s family is so grateful for all of the help you’ve given them for his medical treatment. Below are a few photos of Lemuel, his mother, and a letter he has written you thanking you for his support. At the bottom of the letter Lemuel writes,
“May god shower you with blessings. My family and I are forever grateful to you for your support.
My heart is happy.”

Lemuel's Letter

Thank you for your support of Healing the Children. With the help of people like you, we will keep making children's hearts happy!

Can you make a contribution to changing the lives of children like Lemuel? Every donation, no matter the amount, makes a real difference in the life of a child.

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