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Healing the Children

Medical Trips Abroad

Medical trip to Peru

Medical teams traveling from the U.S. to developing countries are a cornerstone of Healing the Children's mission to provide medical care for children who lack adequate access to treatment.

Surgical teams treated 3,753 kids during these medical trips in 2016. Another 5,226 children were impacted by non-surgical teams and special programs that provide health clinics and screenings, hearing aids, orthopedics, and other non-surgical medical care.

Additionally, our teams abroad and the networks they form help to identify and screen children with more complex issues, and help to get them the care they need in the United States through our International Inbound Program or by referral to institutions abroad that can address their needs.

What's more, teams travelling abroad often help local medical professionals with the training, supplies, and infrastructure they need to grow their own capacitity. Our International Development Programs generally grow organically from the relationships that are formed and nurtured by these medical teams travelling abroad.

Training students in Ethiopia
Training Medical Students in Ethiopia

Many examples of our Medical Teams Abroad and International Development efforts can be found in our 2016 Annual Report. But take a moment first to consider the ripple effects of these programs:

• Think of the more than 200,000 children treated by these programs since 1979 and consider the profound impact each has had on their family, their community, their country, and the world: children like Kimberly, David, and Ingrid, and others who were given the opportunity to thrive and contribute.

• Think of the families of children with serious medical conditions who are identified and referred for life-saving treatment.

• Try to imagine the impact on medical infrastructure in developing countries, not only through explicit international development programs like the Philadelphia Chapter's Otolaryngology Program in Ethiopia, but also through the more informal collegiality and networking of international medical professionals.

For the children treated, these trips have a very direct and profound impact on their lives. But the effects of our Medical Trips Abroad go much deeper than these immediate impacts.

A medical volunteer takes his pay

Get Involved

It costs about $10,000 to organize a surgical team abroad that may treat 100 or more children in addition to its broader impacts. The actual value of the trip is much higher because the freely given time and skills of our medical volunteers are worth so much. But it is your donation that enables their generosity.

Get behind them. Make a real difference in the life of a child, their family, and their community. Thank you for your generous support of Healing the Children!


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