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Healing the Children

Poem to a Host Family

We extend our deepest thanks to the many host families who have helped a child from another country during their time in the US for donated medical care.  This poem by Jeff Degner reminds us of the universal gift of love and understanding.


The young man said goodbye; his flight would soon depart

To his mom and dad and siblings, from whom he’d be apart.

He’d go a thousand miles from the country where he dwelt.

Sadness, fear, anxiety, were all part of what he felt,

While you waited for his entry into your home and heart.


The health care that he needed was a problem rather large,

Doctors in America said they’d help, and at no charge.

In his native land, he could never get this care,

His medical condition could not be treated there.

So to host this needy child, your own family would enlarge.


You met him at the airport, he had flown so many miles,

 And side by side, walked through the crowded aisles.

And off you went together, by car to your abode.

Where he gobbled down a piece of pie - served a la mode!

Then toddled off to bed, his fears replaced by smiles.


The hospital soon asked if you could bring him for some tests,

You watched the caring nurse put probes upon his chest.

And when the tests had ended with a date of surgery near,

You reassured the child that there was no need to fear.

Yet as that day got closer, how could you not feel stressed?


The medical procedure was quite complex and long

And you could only hope that nothing would go wrong

And when the doctor came to say that all was good and great

This joyous news, so wonderful, was truly worth the wait.

For this lad, once needy, now was well and strong.


Just a short time later, he was waiting to depart

And leave behind your family, of which he’d been a part.

To journey far away to the land in which he’d dwell,

It now was you who felt so sad, while bidding him farewell.

But this healthy boy, forever, would remain inside your heart.   

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