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Healing the Children

"Whoever Does Not Live For Others, Does Not Live For Himself."

Orthotics Clinic

In 2014, Healing the Children Philadelphia in cooperation with the Cuscatlán Rotary, travelled to El Salvador for its 12th consecutive Podiatry Medical/Surgical Mission at the Military Hospital in San Salvador. During the week-long trip, the team of over 30 volunteers typically screens more than 100 children on Sunday, prioritizes its schedule, and begins operating on Monday.

Children who need an updating of their orthotics or new orthotic inserts in their shoes are sent to the Certified Professional Orthotist team to address their needs. Often used shoes from our many boxes of donated shoes replace the worn ones they have come in with. And when needed, a trip to Payless to make sure the child has the proper shoes for the new shoe insert may be required.

In all, 125 children were screened, 37 were operated on, and 72 received certified orthotics, for a total value of $515,500 in care, supplies and equipment.

In our 12 years, millions in donated medical care by hundreds of medical professionals traveling abroad has made a difference. We can tell the story in stats but it is the smiles of the children and their parents that is what ultimately matters. We heal the children.

This letter from a father whose daughter we have been treating for several years tells the story in a different way. We operated on this young lady 7 years ago. She returned this year and still had a picture we had taken of her and our OR tech Ellen. Of course we had to recreate the photo!

Seven Years Later

Her father wrote:

"Quien no vive para los demás, no vive para si mismo." Gracias por estar siempre con estos niños y jóvenes cada año (once ya) que precisan de vuestra ayuda!!! Personas que sin vuestro amor y gran corazón por velar por las necesidades de los demás, caerían en el olvido y en la desesperanza. Nuestra frontera no es geográfica, ya que estáis en la frontera entre el amor y el olvido; entre la esperanza de un mejor mañana y el temor de un futuro incierto; entre la entrega y el egoísmo. Gracias nuevamente, porque dejaís todo lo mejor de cada uno de vosotros en lo mas profundo de nuestro corazón; gracias por su entrega desinteresada, gracias por cada una de vuestras sonrisas y caricias para nuestros hijos; gracias por cada uno de esos detalles y gran gesto de amor. Por favor haga efectivo a cada uno de los miembros de la delegación de Healing the Children, nuestro más profundo sentimiento de agradecimiento y amor. Dios siga bendiciendo y ensanchando cada una de vuestras vidas en todo aquello que toquen y realicen en ella... Es bueno saber que existen personas como ustedes y ser parte de esa gran misión de amor. God Bless you all.
"Whoever does not live for others, does not live for himself." Thanks for always being with these children and young people every year (eleven already) that need your help!!! People without your love and big heart for ensuring the needs of others fall into distance and despair. Our border is not geographical, since you stand on the border between love and neglect; between hope for a better tomorrow and fear of an uncertain future; between service and selfishness. Thanks again, because you have all left the best of yourselves in the depths of our hearts. Thank you for your selfless giving. Thanks for every one of your smiles and caresses for our children; thanks for every one of those small and great gestures of love. Please pass on to each of the members of the delegation of Healing the Children our deepest sense of gratitude and love. May God continue to bless each of your lives in everything you touch… It is good to know there are people like you who are part of this great mission of love. God Bless you all.


2014 Annual Report

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This is just one of the many stories featured in our 2014 Annual Report, where you’ll find stories of hope and healing from all of our chapters as well as updates and information about our organization, our programs, and  the impacts and progress we have made.

Please take some time to look over our 2014 Annual Report and share it with your friends and colleagues.


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